A Bill is a legislative proposal or a proposed law at post-publication stage that seeks to enact a new law, to anchor a policy into a law, amend or repeal an existing law. Legislative Authority at the County level is vested in the County Assembly and is exercised through passage of Bills. The Standing Orders envisage two types of Bills:-

Private Bill - any Bill which is intended to affect or benefit a particular person, association or corporate body;

Public Bill - a Bill which is intended to affect a section of the public or the public in general.

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Bills Tracker

BillMember in Charge1st Reading2nd ReadingCommittee of the Whole assembly3rd ReadingStatus 
The Bomet County Appropriation Bill, 2015Hon. Bernard Ngeno2014-05-06
The Bomet County Emblems, Protocol and Salutations Bill, 2014Hon. Robert Bett2014-05-06
The Bomet County Supplementary Appropriation Act, 2014Hon. Aurelia Chepkirui2014-06-03
The Bomet County Assembly Service Act, 2014Hon. Josphat Kirui2014-10-02
The Bomet County Assembly Car Loan(Members) Scheme Fund Regulations, 2014Hon. Josphat Kirui2014-05-07
The Bomet County Agencies Establishment Bill, 2014Hon. Robert Bett2014-03-12
The Bomet County Support for the Needy Bill, 2014Hon. Josphat Kirui2014-07-14
The Bomet County Appropriation (Amendment) Act, 2013Hon. Aurelia Chepkirui2013-02-26
Bomet County Persons Living With Disability BillHon. Wilson Keter2016-05-032016-05-16

About Bomet County

Bomet County is in the former Rift Valley Province of Kenya. Its capital and largest town is Bomet. The county has a population of 730,129 and an area of 1,997.9 km².