County Assembly of Bomet - Bills


Tuesday 11th, May 2021The Bomet County Commpassionate Assistance Bill,2021
Monday 30th, November -0001The Bomet County Compassionate Assistance Bill, 2021
Wednesday 28th, April 2021The Bomet County Ward Bursary Fund Bill,2021
Tuesday 27th, April 2021The Bomet County Supplementary Appropriation Bill, 2021.pdf
Wednesday 10th, March 2021The Bomet County Climate Change Bill, 2021
Tuesday 9th, February 2021The Kenya Constitution (Amendment) Bill, 2020
Tuesday 9th, February 2021Bomet Finance Bill, 2020
Tuesday 19th, February 2019The Bomet County Equitable Development Bill, 2019
Monday 4th, February 2019Bomet County Public Participation Bill, 2018
Tuesday 6th, November 2018Bomet County Public Service Bill, 2018
Tuesday 13th, November 2018BOMET COUNTY FINANCE BILL - 2018
Wednesday 12th, April 2017THE BOMET COUNTY FINANCE BILL, 2017
Tuesday 7th, June 2016The Bomet County Supplementary Appropriation(No. 2) Act, 2016
Tuesday 7th, June 2016The Bomet County Public Service Board Bill, 2016
Wednesday 8th, June 2016The Bomet County Appropriation Bill, 2016
Tuesday 3rd, February 2015The Bomet County Petition to Count Assembly(Procedure) Bill, 2015
Tuesday 6th, May 2014The Bomet County Appropriation Bill, 2015
Tuesday 6th, May 2014The Bomet County Emblems, Protocol and Salutations Bill, 2014
Tuesday 3rd, June 2014The Bomet County Supplementary Appropriation Act, 2014
Thursday 2nd, October 2014The Bomet County Assembly Service Act, 2014

About Bomet County

Bomet County is in the former Rift Valley Province of Kenya. Its capital and largest town is Bomet. The county has a population of 730,129 and an area of 1,997.9 km².