Committee on Appointments

  1. Committee Mandate
  2. Workplan
  3. Inquiries & Reports
  4. Recordings
The Committee on Appointments consists of the Speaker as a Chairperson, the Leader of the Majority Party, the Leader of the Minority party and not more than three other Members nominated by the County Assembly Business Committee, on the basis of proportional Party Membership in the County Assembly taking into consideration the numerical strength of the Parties and interests of Independent Members. The Committee shall consider, for approval by the County Assembly, appointments under Articles 179 of the Constitution (Members of County Executive Committees) and Chief Officers.


No. Name Position
1. Hon. Cosmas Korir Chair
2. Hon. Leonard Rotich Member
3. Hon. Rosaline Cheptoo Member
4. Hon. Paul Kirui Member
5. Hon. Stephen Chang'morik Member
6. Hon. Kibet Ngetich Member
7. Hon. Eric Kirui Member


Ms. Gloria Kenyatta
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About Bomet County

Bomet County is in the former Rift Valley Province of Kenya. Its capital and largest town is Bomet. The county has a population of 730,129 and an area of 1,997.9 km².