Third Assembly Members

  • Hon. Samoei Joseah Kipkoech

    Hon. Samoei Joseah Kipkoech

    Nyangores Ward, UDA

  • Hon. Sang Evaline

    Hon. Sang Evaline

    Nominated (Women), UDA

  • Hon. Ruttoh Richard Cheruiyot

    Hon. Ruttoh Richard Cheruiyot

    Chemaner Ward, UDA

  • Hon. Rotich Leonard Kipkoech

    Hon. Rotich Leonard Kipkoech

    Chesoen Ward, UDA

  • Hon. Rotich Ernest Kipkemoi

    Hon. Rotich Ernest Kipkemoi

    Mogogosiek Ward, UDA

  • Hon. Rotich Benard Kimutai

    Hon. Rotich Benard Kimutai

    Chebunyo Ward

  • Hon. Rop Victor

    Hon. Rop Victor

    Nominated (Youth), UDA

  • Hon. Ronoh Peter

    Hon. Ronoh Peter

    Kipsonoi Ward, UDA

  • Hon. Ngetich Kibet

    Hon. Ngetich Kibet

    Siongiroi Ward, CCM

  • Hon. Ngeno Dennis Kiplangat

    Hon. Ngeno Dennis Kiplangat

    Kongasis Ward, CCM

  • Hon. Mutai Vincent K.

    Hon. Mutai Vincent K.

    Nominated (Minority), UDA

  • Hon. Mutai Peter Kipkirui

    Hon. Mutai Peter Kipkirui

    Sigor Ward, UDA

  • Hon. Langat Peter Kipkorir

    Hon. Langat Peter Kipkorir

    Merigi Ward, Independent

  • Hon. Langat Benard Kipkorir

    Hon. Langat Benard Kipkorir

    Kembu Ward, UDA

  • Hon. Koskei Olivia C.

    Hon. Koskei Olivia C.

    Nominated(Women), UDA

  • Hon. Kirui Paul Kipyegon

    Hon. Kirui Paul Kipyegon

    Ndanai/Abossi Ward, UDA

  • Hon. Kirui Eric Kiprono

    Hon. Kirui Eric Kiprono

    Kimulot Ward. UDA

  • Hon. Kirui Dancel Kipngeno

    Hon. Kirui Dancel Kipngeno

    Ndaraweta Ward, UDA

  • Hon. Kipkirui Josphat

    Hon. Kipkirui Josphat

    Singorwet Ward

  • Hon. Kibet Nathan

    Hon. Kibet Nathan

    Kapletundo ward, UDA

  • Hon. Cheruiyot Japhet Kipkirui

    Hon. Cheruiyot Japhet Kipkirui

    Embomos Ward, UDA

  • Hon. Cheruiyot Emily

    Hon. Cheruiyot Emily

    Nominated (Women), CCM

  • Hon. Cherono Caren

    Hon. Cherono Caren

    Nominated(Women), UDA

  • Hon. Cheptoo Rosaline

    Hon. Cheptoo Rosaline

    Rongena/ Manaret Ward, UDA

  • Hon. Chepngetich Monica Manyei

    Hon. Chepngetich Monica Manyei

    Nominated (Women), UDA

  • Hon. Chepngetich Catherine

    Hon. Chepngetich Catherine

    Nominated(Women), UDA

  • Hon. Chepkirui Felody

    Hon. Chepkirui Felody

    Nominated(Youth), UDA

  • Hon. Chepkemoi  Anne

    Hon. Chepkemoi Anne

    Silibwet Township Ward, Independent

  • Hon. Chemutai  Naomi

    Hon. Chemutai Naomi

    Nominated(Women), UDA

  • Hon. Chelangat Evaline Mibei

    Hon. Chelangat Evaline Mibei

    Nominated(Women), UDA

  • Hon. Chelangat Caroline

    Hon. Chelangat Caroline

    Nominated(Women), UDA

  • Hon. Busienei Dennis Kiprotich

    Hon. Busienei Dennis Kiprotich

    Chemagel Ward, UDA

  • Hon. Langat Robert Kiprono

    Hon. Langat Robert Kiprono

    Mutarakwa Ward, UDA

  • Hon. Langat Charles Kipyegon

    Hon. Langat Charles Kipyegon

    Boito Ward, UDA

  • Hon. Koech Stephen Changmorik Kipngetich

    Hon. Koech Stephen Changmorik Kipngetich

    Longisa Ward, UDA

  • Hon. Kiprotich Wesley

    Hon. Kiprotich Wesley

    Chepchabas Ward. UDA

  • Hon. Philip Korir Livondo

    Hon. Philip Korir Livondo

    Kipreres Ward, UDA

  • Hon. Cherotich Lily

    Hon. Cherotich Lily

    Nominated(PWD), UDA

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About Bomet County

Bomet County is in the former Rift Valley Province of Kenya. Its capital and largest town is Bomet. The county has a population of 730,129 and an area of 1,997.9 km².